Two guys who love dogs--

Gary Hubbell

and Dave Alvarez

We're just two guys who love dogs of all kinds, and especially hunting dogs. Setters, pointers, Labs, retrievers, flushers--we love 'em all. We see potential in many types of dogs. While we have a soft heart for almost all dogs--with the exception of the vicious ones--we also have a hard eye for quality. We've been all over this fine land of ours, getting to know top guides, handlers, trainers, and breeders, from Oklahoma to Kentucky, South Carolina to Mississippi, California to Alberta, Wisconsin to upstate New York. We've hunted ruffed grouse close to the Arctic Circle, ptarmigan at 13,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies, Hungarian partridge and sharp-tailed grouse in Saskatchewan, blue grouse in Colorado and Utah, ducks in Mississippi, geese in Montana, and many places in between. We've hunted over springer spaniels, wire-haired pointers, Brittany spaniels, pointing Labs, English pointers, English setters, golden retrievers, Viszlas, German shorthairs, and several breeds we've forgotten about. All together, we have almost 100 years of dog experience with some of the best-known trainers, guides, and breeders in the business.


As we broker gun dogs for our discriminating clientele, we insist on one concept: selling quality dogs and full disclosure. Fair dealing is the name of our game. We'll give you the full story on the dog, its habits, attitude, and abilities. Some folks selling gun dogs today don't really hunt that much and don't really know their dogs. We do. We spend a lot of time in the field and make our dogs part of our daily lives. They go on long walks with us, they're allowed to run without a lead, swim, hunt, retrieve, and become part of the pack. We're looking for excellent conformation, good attitude, strong hunting and retrieving desire, and clear health clearances.