Black Labrador retriever breeding female 

HRC "Started" title

55 pounds


OFA "Good" hips

Colorado based Labrador breeding female

Clinetop's Pistol Annie is a really cool dog. She's a good-looking black female Lab with excellent conformation. She is built for endurance and stamina. At 55 pounds, she is not an overly large dog, which is what we like. She's big enough to retrieve geese, but has enough stamina to hunt blue grouse in the Colorado high country all day long. She has lots of speed and is an outstanding upland dog.  She is a strong swimmer and likes to retrieve. She is collar conditioned, force broke, and owns an HRC "Started" title.  

CNM, EIC, CERF Health clearances; OFA "Good" hips

Annie has been tested for the diseases that you don't want to pass on to the next generation of Labrador puppies. She is clear of the genes that cause "Exercise Induced Collapse", or EIC; "Central Nuclear Myopathy", or CNM; and has passed the CERF test clearing her of eye problems. Her hips are rated OFA "Good" and her elbows "normal".

Loves to please--super nice personality

Annie is a great family dog and loves to please her master. If anything, she's a little on the soft side. She doesn't like to get in trouble. However, she's tough--a strong hunter and loves to put game in the bag. She has retrieved ducks and geese out of the North Fork River in 5-degree temps, when the river looked like a Slurpee at 7-11. Great little retriever. 

Daughter of Clinetop's Amazing Grace and Sam's Jumpin' Jack Flash--pointing Labrador bloodlines

Some people place a lot of value on pointing Lab bloodlines. Those who know the history of pointing Labs will tell you that Trieven Kennels of Lovell, Wyoming, was the original source of many of the quality pointing Labs. Our Labs' grandsire, Bosco, was picked up from their kennel in 2003. Though we never went the route of proving his ability as a pointing Lab, Bosco proved his mettle! We remember one blue grouse hunt in the Colorado high country when Bosco put up 57 birds in front of the guns in two days of hunting, most of them pointed. 

Available for breeding to qualified males

We have an upcoming litter in August 2017 from Annie, bred to John Luttrell's HRCh "Pass the Ammo" Master Hunter. Ammo is a strong, good-looking dog with lots of horsepower and all health clearances. Because Ammo is yellow and Annie should be yellow factored, there is a good chance that at least 25% of the litter will be yellow. RESERVE NOW for a puppy from Annie! $1,500 puppy price, $750 non-refundable deposit.