Pistol Annie x Ammo litter

Sire: MH Pass the Ammo HRCh 

Dam: Clinetop's Pistol Annie

AKC registered Labrador retriever pups

Black Lab pups; male is chocolate factored yellow

$1,000 puppy fee--Proven hunting backgrounds

All health clearances--EIC, CNM, OFA, CERF

Colorado Labrador puppies for sale, gun dogs for sale

Looking for a nice Lab pup? Get your reservation in now! Our classy yellow female, Rebah, is bred to an outstanding yellow male, Ammo. Both are proven hunting dogs with excellent health clearances. Ammo is out of proven field champion bloodlines and has both an HRC championship and an AKC Master Hunter title. Rebah has an HRC Started title. Rebah has a great conformation and weighs about 58 pounds. She has long legs and good height for a dog her weight, and a classic boxy Lab head. She has hunted blue grouse, pheasant, and waterfowl in Colorado. Ammo is a STUD of a dog, with 75 pounds of solid muscle. He is an outstanding retriever and an excellent upland dog. He has hunted all over North America, from ducks and geese in California, blue grouse, pheasants, and ducks in Colorado, and waterfowl, pheasants, and sharptail grouse in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan. 

All health clearances for Labrador retriever congenital diseases--EIC, CNM, OFA, CERF

It's hard to find good Lab pups these days that don't have a genetic marker for the congenital diseases that have cropped up in the breed. Read our article about CNM, EIC, OFA hip dysplasia, and CERF eye testing. Both Ammo and Rebah have complete health clearances, so there is NO risk of the pups being afflicted with these genetic conditions, or even carrying the gene. Both have OFA "Good" hip clearances and normal elbows. 

Quality Lab pups are hard to find!

It's true that you can find Lab pups in the classified ads, but you're kinda rolling the dice. Litters that have health clearances on both parents are rather rare, and to find two nice dogs with strong hunting backgrounds is even more rare. If you want one of those heavy-built, slow, lethargic Labs, go look somewhere else. These pups promise to be athletic, inquisitive, hard-working gun dog candidates. Both parents love to retrieve, both parents love to hunt, both are titled dogs, and both have excellent conformation and good looks. 


The pups from this litter will be born around August 20, 2017, and will be ready to pick up in mid-October. Puppy price is $1,000. We take a non-refundable $500 deposit and will put you on the list. We have a second litter coming up as well, Ammo X Rebah, and we have a good selection of yellow Lab pups out of that litter, if you're looking for a yellow puppy.