Yellow Labrador retriever stud dog 

HRC "Seasoned" title

65 pounds


OFA "Good"

Colorado based Labrador stud dog

Clinetop's Cash American is a very nice AKC registered Labrador retriever male. He is a very handsome yellow male, a strong retriever, strong swimmer, and proven hunting dog. Cash has attained his "seasoned" title through the Hunting Retriever Club. Cash is a medium-sized dog, big and strong enough to retrieve geese out of the main channel of the Gunnison River, but not overly large. He weighs about 65 pounds. 

EIC, CNM, CERF Health clearances; OFA "Good" hips

Cash has been tested for the diseases that you don't want to pass on to the next generation of Labrador puppies. He is clear of the genes that cause "Exercise Induced Collapse", or EIC; "Central Nuclear Myopathy", or CNM; and has passed the CERF test clearing him of eye problems. His hips are rated OFA "Good" and his elbows "normal". He has excellent conformation, the type of build that allows a dog to spend a long day in the field retrieving waterfowl or hunting pheasants. He is athletic and capable. 

Charming personality--family dog and companion, good hunter

Cash is known for his simply charming personality. Everybody just LOVES this dog! He is owned by our son, Jake Hubbell, who spends a lot of time with Cash. You've never met a nicer dog than this! Chance has hunted flooded timber for mallards in Mississippi, the rivers of Western Colorado, and North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado for pheasants and grouse. He is an experienced gun dog, force broke and collar conditioned, with a nice soft mouth and gentle retrieve. Best of all, he's a great family dog with a super mellow temperament and a great companion to our son, Jake. If you're looking for the kind of Lab that will run through a brick wall, Cash isn't your stud dog. If you're looking for a stud dog to produce absolutely gorgeous pups with clean health clearances, great minds, and beautiful temperaments, Cash is your dog. Cash is the kind of dog who will sit quietly on the bank while Jake guides a fishing trip. He's a hit with all Jake's college buddies (especially the girls) in Gunnison. 

Available for breeding to qualified females.

Cash is available for stud service to qualified females. We will not entertain ANY breedings without clear consultation and booking with us prior. Females must have "Good" or "Excellent" OFA ratings on their hips; health clearances for EIC and CNM; and clear CERF tests on their eyes. We are picky about conformation, so please send photos of your female prior to booking. Stud fee is $800.