Clinetop's Lucy Goosey--2016 Yellow Lab female

HRC "Started" title

EIC, CNM, CERF clear (see article)

OFA "Good"

50-pound female

AKC registered Labrador retriever 

You will look long and hard before you ever find a Lab female as nice as Clinetop's Lucy Goosey. Lucy was born on July 4, 2016, sired by Robert Gash's nice black male, Sam's Jumpin' Jack Flash, out of our great female, Clinetop's Amazing Grace (Mazie). Though both parents are black, they are both yellow factored, and Lucy was one of our choice pups. And wow, what a choice she was. Lucy is an outstanding pup in many, many ways. Simply from her physical good looks, she's a stunningly beautiful pup. She has a keen look, an intelligent and handsome face, a gorgeous cream color with fawn highlights, and black nose and dark eyes. She is truly striking. She also has great conformation, the kind of athletic build that allows a dog to cruise the Colorado high country all day looking for blue grouse, hunting ptarmigan at 13,000 feet, or pounding the prairies of North Dakota and Montana for five days straight, searching for sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridge, and pheasant. Lucy is athletic and lean, with nice height, but only weighs 50 pounds at the time of this writing, as she is only a year old. She will likely finish out to be 58-60 pounds.

HRC Started title--Lucy has 90 days of professional gun dog training

Lucy is a bit of a prodigy. She retrieved her first duck, a teal, at 5 months old and held it quietly in her mouth like she was a finished gun dog. She is an absolutely natural retriever.  She is force broke, collar conditioned, and is started on hand signals. She has excellent marking ability and is a hard-working retriever. She is a very strong swimmer and very competitive--she wants to get to the bumper or the bird before anyone else! She finished her HRC "Started" title before she was a year old. She is force broke, collar conditioned, and a great little hunting dog. Just a hoot to spend time in the field with!

Lucy puppies should be athletic, birdy, good retrievers, and have good conformation

We really like Lucy's friendly attitude, her sense of humor, and her hunting desire. We will start breeding her after she is two years old, once she has her OFA hip clearances. If you are fortunate enough to get one of her puppies, you should be getting an athletic dog that is fun to be around, a good hunter and great retriever, and of course health clearances on all congenital Lab diseases. If her pups have her drive, retrieving ability, athleticism, and good looks, then they will be barn-burners! Truly the dog of a lifetime!