Clinetop's REBAH--2014 Yellow Lab female

HRC "Started" title

EIC, CNM, CERF clear (see article)

OFA "Good"

60-pound female

AKC registered Labrador retriever 

If you want to know what we like in a female Labrador, just look at Rebah. She is the complete package. Rebah is a very good-looking yellow Lab female with an excellent conformation. She has just the right combination of height, athleticism, superb conformation, nice square Labrador head, retrieving desire, and game-finding ability. She is a strong swimmer and loves to retrieve, plus she has a great attitude. Rebah is playful and likes to find a glove or plastic water bottle to retrieve and bring to you. Rebah was born on December 28, 2014, sired by Robert Gash's nice black male, Sam's Jumpin' Jack Flash, out of our great female, Clinetop's Amazing Grace (Mazie). Though both parents are black, they are both yellow factored, and Rebah was one of our choice pups. 

HRC Started title--Rebah has 90 days of professional gun dog training

Rebah is an enthusiastic retriever and a trained gun dog. She loves water retrieves and is a strong swimmer. We put a Started Hunting Retriever Club title on her and felt like she had strong potential to go to the next level in retriever training as a Seasoned dog, but we decided to breed her instead. She is very athletic and will jump onto a high tailgate of a truck or SUV without even thinking about it. She's the kind of dog that can hunt hours on end for upland game in North Dakota for pheasants and sharptailed grouse or the Colorado high country for blue grouse. She is force broke, collar conditioned, and is started on hand signals. She has excellent marking ability.

Rebah puppies should be athletic, birdy, good retrievers, and have good conformation

We really like Rebah's friendly attitude, her sense of humor, and her hunting desire. If you are fortunate enough to get one of her puppies, you should be getting an athletic dog that is fun to be around, a good hunter and retriever, and of course health clearances on all congenital Lab diseases. 

SUMMER/FALL 2017--Clinetop's Rebah x HRCH Pass the Ammo MH

This is a hot breeding. "Ammo" was found in California by our partner Dave Alvarez, who did quite a bit of the early training on Ammo. Dave sold Ammo to our good friend John Luttrell of Luttrell Kennels, and John finished up Ammo's training and put both the HRC championship and AKC Master Hunter titles on him. Ammo is an outstanding male with lots of drive, a very good-looking yellow male who is also chocolate factored. Ammo is a hard-core waterfowl dog, but is also outstanding in the upland field for pheasants, sharptails, and Hungarian partridge. He is very strongly muscled and weighs about 75 pounds. Ammo is EIC, CNM, and CERF clear, and his hips and elbows are OFA "Good". Since both Rebah and Ammo are yellow, all pups should be yellow. If you want a pup from this litter, RESERVE NOW, because they are going to go FAST! $1,500 puppy price, $750 non-refundable deposit.